Thursday, 27 May 2010

Give A Geek A Chance

Sunday 23 May 9.00pm:
I am writing this blog in two parts – this first part is written in a rather optimistic mood pre-date with Ginger Andy. Yes you read that right, Ginger Andy is being given a second chance.

Looking back, during the date I had a lemon face on most of the time and he still kept the mood light and jolly, he has rung me every day even though he got a massive brush off and sends amusing texts during the day – the lad is a trier!

The only danger is he has a lovely telephone voice and his face is a fuzzy, rather forgotten image now. We have arranged to have tea in Barnsley – it is the half way spot, in a little Italian and seeing as it is supposed to be 30c tomorrow – hopefully the waxed jacket will stay at home.

Monday 24 May 23:00:
I had to be nice to him – he produced huge bunch of flowers when I met him and his nose had calmed right down.

We had nice meal and found out until recently he had a morbid fear of eating out and he has only had two girlfriends in his life – the last one went to Australia last year for a two month sabbatical and has never come back.

We came out of restaurant – his bank card worked just fine, and luckily the waxed jacket stayed at home, but the Farah ‘slacks’, checked shirt and suede loafers aka ‘Dad 1976’ did not.

We then went for a drink in his village which was beautiful, and at the end of the night, said our goodbyes in the car park and then he kissed me and do you know what, it was rather nice!

I got an invite to look around the monument in his garden this Sunday as it is the first day it is open to the public. I agreed but was rather concerned today when he said he was painting the bathroom.

‘Why’, I asked?

‘Well I want the house to look nice for your visit.’

Err third date – meet the mother – visit house, not what I had planned.

Fast-forwarding to the 21st century, Single Dad came to shop today and offered to show me his white bits after his holiday next week to Turkey. Now that sounds a better offer!


  1. Hahaha, another funny post. I'd be scared about the Ginge - unless he was taking the mick when he said the bathroom was for you.
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

  2. Another hilarious blog Louise, just one point. Why paint the bathroom? If he was hoping for a bit more surely it would'v been the bedroom he was painting!!!
    Good luck with the white bit man, ha ha

  3. Ginger...Andy...oh dear.