Saturday, 27 February 2010

After a disastrous 2009 - 2010 begins the same!

Brief summary so far just to get you all up to date:

2009 was a disastrous dating year which included being blown out after the first date from Cleckheaton's Shortest Postman, The Caveman pledging undying love after 2 weeks and then goes back to the ex and of course the Schoolteacher who after 23 dates decides he doesn't want a relationship - we met on!

So is 2010 going to be any better?

Well I have been chatting this guy up at the shop - we'll call him 'Single Dad', since August 2009. He was, in fact, the reason why I ventured onto in the first place as he was on, but ignored me and I ended up with the School Teacher.

Things had been moving on a bit lately - he had invited me to the switch on of Roberttown Christmas Lights (I couldn't attend) and a roller skating session for the under 8s on a Saturday afternoon.

He came to the shop on Friday saying he had spotted my yellow bubble perm on the George-vs-Foxys-vs-Outbacks website and challenged me to find him on Facebook, armed with only his first name 'Jonathan' and the fact that his profile picture was a vintage scooter. I rose to the challenge and sent him a friend request.

The request was duly accepted and last night, online banter and jolly japes ensued. When he announced he was off to bed:

I said 'can I ask you something'.

Single Dad: 'Go on, sounds ominous'.

'Nothing bad, would you like to go for a drink sometime'.

At this point my friend Elaine bangs her head rather hard against a brick wall as I am not following 'The Rules'.

Single Dad: 'I would love to, and we do get on rather well, but the thing is I have just started seeing someone, nothing serious, so it would have to be just as friends, is this taking 'the bull by the horns'' (no I don't get it either).

'How about Monday (I know, way too keen!)

Single Dad: 'I'll let you know'.

That went well, didnt it? I have not heard anything and it's Sunday soon so not looking good BUT I am off to Aldo's with my totally gorgeous ex from 20 years ago, so at least a date for the weekend...